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Sep. 28th, 2006

08:53 pm - Owey Acorns

I took Morgan out back to kick the soccer ball around. Mommy kicked the ball, Morgan picked up the ball and ran. It was fun though. While walking around the back and getting some stuff done, I kept hearing Morgan point out the owey or ouchie acorns. He absolutely loves acorns and keeps collecting them. They are second only to rocks. I finally looked at what he was pointing at and couldn't help but laugh. He was referring to the big pine cones from our foothill pines (Formally the pines known as Digger pines).

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02:41 pm

I am supposed to be working on homework...with the cold nearly gone, I have more focus. I am in the den, trying to work and I hear my son saying "I want my babies, with blanket, so they can take nap too!" and my mother keeps saying "what do you want to watch on tv?" Over and over. He keeps trying to tell her he doesn't want to watch tv, he wants quiet time to sleep, and she keeps wanting to occupy him with a movie.

I call out to her to let her know what he really wants, and she gets mad and ignores me. Poor Morgan.

I try not to be one of those adults who ignores the basic wants of the child. I know I do sometimes, but I try...it is amazing how oblivious we adults can be.

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Sep. 27th, 2006

06:47 pm - I really do love her...

I love my grandmother...She is a fun, spunky, inteligent, classy, opinionated and artistic woman. She is also rigid, opinionated (yes this goes both ways), spiteful, unfair, and when she loses at bridge she can be a real bitch!

She comes home...she moans and complains...the fact that I have been working my ass of all day, to the neglect of my needs and priorities, doesn't phase her a bit...When she is unreasonable about something and I call her on it, she back pedals like crazy, says she meant something else and then runs off to someone else to tell them how I jumped down her throat..."No Grammie, I think you misunderstand, that is what the public meeting is for...for the neighbors to bring up their concerns." is evidently jumping down her throat. Then, since she feels that she has been victimized, she feels that she has free reign to be as bitchy and snobby as she likes, with no regard to anyone else...and she still cries foul to anyone who will listen.

I love my gradmother, but I don't always like her behavior. She is such a sore loser...and she thinks she isn't. I just hope that I do not behave that way when I am an octogenarian...Gosh, I hope I don't behave that way now.

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Sep. 25th, 2006

02:54 pm - Blahs

I really don't feel like doing anything. I am tired...coffee and tea are not helping. I just want to sit around and do nothing. I should be doing homework, but I haven't been. I would say that it was laziness, but I really wonder...I just feel like I am wrapped in cotton balls or something...I can't think, I can't do...perhaps it is time for the airborn and an early to bed night.

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Sep. 20th, 2006

08:03 pm - I hope you have a child just like you!

Parents always seem to say at some point that they hope we have children much like ourselves. Sooner or later it seems to be said…at least once. One of those wishes was fulfilled today.
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Sep. 13th, 2006

09:39 pm - Where have all the people gone?

Actually, not so many people...just two good friends.

One moves 6+ hours away to Fortuna with her children...My son and I will miss them greatly. They say it is only for a couple of years, but one can't always know. It will be good for them but I will miss them.

The other moves to England for a year of college abroad. It will be a fantastic adventure for her and I wish her the best...but she will be missed.

My local friends are all gone...I guess I will have more time to devote to studies...*laugh* Thank goodness there are still a few good friends a few hours away...you know who you are...which reminds me, we should get together sometime.

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Jun. 6th, 2006

09:09 am - It is getting old

Morgan has a cold. The croupiness has left and now he just has a nice cold. I am getting over a mild touch of flu. I do love airborne. Morgan's father refuses to visit or watch Morgan when he is sick because HE can't afford to get sick. Evidently I am expendable. My grandmother's cleaning lady had her license yanked and last week I ran her around a bit as well as bringing her to the house and whatnot. Last week my mother, who was supposed to be watching my son, decided she didnt' feel to good and was very grumpy so I sent her home hoping she would feel better and get better sooner since she is really my only sitter.

Today my mother was suppose to help the cleaning lady smog her car. The cleaning lady is trying not to depend to much on any one person. Poor thing is having it rough. My mother walks over and has hardly a voice and tells me she has lost it and has been sick in the night.

So I call the cleaning lady to tell her and to warn her than Morgan and I have been sick but that I could run her around if she wanted, knowing the risk. Of course she doesn't want to be exposed. She is scheduled to work tomorrow but that is understandibly up in the air. Mother though, was suddenly helpful and trying to come up with solutions. I was upset at the situation not at her because I am not getting stuff done that I need to get done. I haven't been getting stuff done because of everyone elses shit and it has been going on for weeks. It is my turn folks. When I told her to just go home and I would deal with it, she got that passive agressive smirk and went happily home. Then I stepped in cat puke. This has been the perfect start of my morning.

I am just frustrated. I am stressed. I take one semeinar class and everything falls apart. I haven't even had to time to finish that up. Gah.

Jun. 4th, 2006

02:37 pm - I know it exists, but I've only seen it in movies.

After my lovely trip to the redwoods I came home exausted and grumpy. I'd had a good time but I was ready to plop into bed after three hours of car sickness and a sunburn (you'd think I'd know better by now) to rival all sunburns I've had before.

Just as I was going to bed, I heard Morgan crying. I went in to check him out and he was not himself. Poor child was barking like a seal and was obvious in distress and pain. So, it was off to the E.R. Now, I took his temp and it was normal. When we got to the hospital 20 minutes later, it was about 99.9 so when the doctor came in and asked if he had a fever I told her that he didn't at home but he did here...She loftly replied that it wasn't a fever until it reached 100.5 ...well, whatever lady. If you need to be that rigid in your definitions from your medical texts then fine. I mean, yes, I know that's the 'treatable level of fever' but come one, obviously he's uncomfortable.

By then Morgan simply would not stop crying. He cried when his temp was taken, he cried when they checked is O2 levels, he cried every time he saw the nurse. So when the doctor came in, he started screaming. She obvously doesn't like working with kids, so that didn't help. She told me that she didn't think anything was wrong with him. I asked her to check something out and she said she couldn't until he calmed down. SO, we turned out the lights and calmed him down. It took awhile, as he was hysterical. Poor boy.

Once he calmed down, he started coughing again. The doc comes back and feels him and says "oh he's hot" (duh) "He feels like he has a fever" (you think?) "maybe you should give him some tylenol or something. He does seem uncomfortable". (no shit!)

So with Morgan calm we figured out his problem, which I already knew but it took the doctor a while to figure it out. Morgan has Croup. When I think of Croup, I always remember Ann of Green Gables. I know croup is common, but for some reason I always think of it as an old disease that doesn't happen any more.

Anyway, the doctor gave him some meds and home we went and I gave him tylenol then I got to share a twin bed with him last night as he didn't want to be left alone. Great to have a two year old rolling around on your sunburned arm.

At least he is finally feeling better...and the visit at the ER was less than 2 hours!

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02:00 pm - Crispy

I had my first seminar class this week. It was pretty fun. I revisted biology in the form of Placer County Ecology with a focus on the Placer Big Trees Grove. For those of you who do ask "what the heck is a big tree grove?" the answer is this:

The big trees are Giant Sequoia also known as Sequoia Dendron and some may call them Mountain Sequoia or Sierra Sequoia. These are considered to be the biggest trees on earth. While their cousins, the Sequoia or Coastal Redwood grow to be taller, the Giant Sequoia are much bulkier.

The Giant Sequioa are only found naturally on the western side of the central Sierra Nevada range. They were once all over the world, along with their cousins the Coastal Redwood and Meta Sequoia (also known as the Dawn Redwood). The Dawn Redwood is in existance in China only. The Coastal Redwood lives in the Pacific North West of California and about 7 miles into Oregan. These locations are the naturally occuring trees. There are trees that have been transplanted in other areas of the world. They are no longer native there.

It was really an interesting trip. The flowers were in bloom, the trees (we looked at 6 different pines in addition to Giant Sequoia and about 5 oak species) were interesting and the sunburn I have as a result of the excursion is quite painful. I could go on for ever about what I learned, but I think that will be best saved for my report for the closing seminar.

I think everyone should see these trees though. The ones in Placer county are acutally quite different from the other groves genetically. They have been isolated for a very long time. But next time I go, I am wearing sun block, taking mosqito repellant and not riding in a bus with a driver who takes turns like he were a speed racer going for his best time. I had no idea that you could feel car sick for hours after getting off the bus!

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May. 25th, 2006

10:15 pm

Ok...Regarding taking my son down to visit his father as his father cannot leave his town for the week due to job requirements.

The man usually emails me. But today had to be different. He had to call and get my mother all out of sorts because she knows not to disturb me when I am working in the den unless it is an emergancy. So, I hollar to her that I will email the drip and thanked her for her efforts. I email him but get no word back so I call him after I am done in the den and he's like, oh, I thought I cleared it all up with your mom...Cleared what up?

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